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Archieving the data deluge; A challenge to Librarians

September 1, 2009

In this era of information deluge, librarian has new challenge to archive the computer data for the benefit of the future generations, which can authenticate the today’s information. Imagine information explosion in science literature, it is very daunting task to organise and collaborate the various form of information. Librarian has to grapple with the information available via email, Google, You Tube, Flickr  and Facebook have become incomprehensible to other researchers and historians trying to read them.Here is an article published in Wall Street Journal which gives inside story of complexity of information organisation.

“The growing scale of new science projects, however, has university data custodians worried. “We are swimming in data these days, and people are overwhelmed,” says digital curator Sayeed Choudhoury at Johns Hopkins University, the principal investigator for a national consortium of data preservationists called the Data Conservancy.”

“It is sexy to think about the big data sets, but a vast amount of data is contained in lots of really small data sets created by different researchers using different software,” says Patricia Cruse, director of the digital-preservation program for the University of California system. “People retire and their knowledge about their data retires with them.”

In an interesting conclusion  “Digital information lasts forever — or five years,” says RAND Corp. computer analyst Jeff Rothenberg, “whichever comes first.”

For full article click here

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