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Democratic, but dangerous too: how the web changed our world

January 28, 2010

In two decades the world wide web has become the most powerful information tool since Gutenberg’s printing press, but also the most intrusive and threatening.

This is the article on revolution of and emergence of Internet in communication era. How the internet has changed the life average citizen in all walks of life, an interesting article to read.


On pros,

The web has brought about an enormous transformation in what information we have at our fingertips. It is extremely empowering: every­one has the freedom to participate in the library of knowledge collected online, by accessing it or creating it. Anyone who has historically held control over the distribution of information – governments, media, agents – is having to reposition in the face of this information tsunami.

On cons,

Socially, this is as potentially damaging as what the extremists peddle; we are coagulating into tight-knit groups who reinforce our own beliefs. It’s a far cry from the global group hug that web proponents such as Fry or Gore had hoped it would be.

About the internet generation the author thinks-

Under-18s who have grown up with the web are better at multi-tasking. They also spend less time searching for information before deciding on what they view as the best answer to a question. Most intriguingly, the youngest users, born after 1993, “crowdsource” their knowledge: they look for the wisdom of their friends, networking what they know, rather than holding on to the information for themselves.

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