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The Semantic Web – Is It Worth It?

April 30, 2010

As I was browsing through various article on Semantic Web, this one I came across gives the vivid idea of Semantic Web. Information Retrieval is the buzz word in the era of  ‘data deluge’ makes interesting read. People thought Semantic Web may really solve all the problems of data abundance, but still it is myth.


The myth of the Semantic Web is that it will be the silver bullet that solves all data interoperability problems automagically. The reality is that it will solve a number of very specific problems, but on the Web, what will cripple it is data quality. This is not the simple problem of data errors, but goes to the heart of much that is wrong with the Semantic Web. Computers are always part of a system that involves human goals and aspirations, and yet the semantics of the Semantic Web is only a mathematical exactitude about the relationship between two otherwise undefined symbols. To make those symbols useful, somebody has to use their brain, and make sure that the symbols mean exactly what they are supposed to mean – which is where data quality comes in.

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